Quick Land Art

For my quick land art project I was  inspired by the small holes and crevices in and around one of the trees in the park and the vibrant hues of the fall leaves scattered around the park. Because of the array of colors in the leaves I wanted to create and ombré effect. I started with green leaves and using yellow, orange, and red leaves I led up to brown leaves. I attempted to spiral the pattern of the leaves without losing the structure of the leaves coming out of the hole I chose. After I had finished spiraling the leaves there was still a small space in the center of the spiral, so I decided to place a flower from the garden in the center of the piece.

Quick Land Arts


Both of mine were more largely inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, using natural materials to build something with structure, although mine actually altered the materials by putting holes in them, unlike Andy. I Found a major difficulty to be trouble finding good materials, and when I found some, what to do with the materials became a huge trouble of mine. My background in working with sticks and small pieces of wood allowed me to better formulate my ideas for what to do with my materials.

Fast Land Art

IMG_7854.jpg  IMG_7856.jpg



Kate Pohl

My land art was inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and Robert Smithson. My spiral is inspired by the Spiral Jetty created by Robert Smithson, and the use of simple natural objects, such as leaves, and the colors were inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. Originally I only made one spiral made out of red leaves since they stood out compared to the other leaves on the ground, but then I noticed that combining more colors to my spiral would make it more beautiful. This project was challenging because of the time restraint and the wind, however the spiral was still pretty among all of the trees.


When autumn comes there are always a variety of vivid leaves on the ground. My piece was inspired by Andy Goldsworthy because he often uses leaves to produce his artwork. Leaves are something so simple and so beautiful individually but when you form something out of a group of them it can create something unimaginably beautiful. I had a little extra time so I created a piece inspired by Christo and Andy. Christo is most famously known for covering objects with a fabric. So instead of fabric, I used leaves to cover a tree branch. The idea behind this was that it was symbolic and in a way devastating. Representing the fear of letting go.


30 Min. Land Art

This land art piece was inspired by Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty. I used different colored leaves from the park to replicate the Spiral Jetty’s counterclockwise spiral shape. Although my piece is extremely simple in comparison to Smithson’s, this experience showed me how working on land art pieces can be very difficult given that you have to take into consideration elements that would not affect your work if you were working in a studio (such as wind, which made it difficult for me to get the leaves to stay on the ground as I was finishing the piece).

30 min Land Art

My inspiration was Christo. Christo is known for his projects where he wraps different items, so I decided to take these leaves and flowers and wrap it around a park bench. I weaved the leaves in and out of the different wood strips on the bench without breaking the leaves. It was a different experience than creating a sculpture inside school because I was able to be creative and be inspired by the artist I researched. I used resources I found and picked from plants and the ground to create this piece of land art.