Tower Challenge

Group: Sophie, Keaton, Natalie

  1. Sophie and Keaton led the group the most. They built structures, while I helped out.

2. N/A

3. Keaton and Sophie worked and built structures and tried different things in order to build a good structure.

4. No one was an expert, but Keaton and Sophie created different structures that eventually were put together.

5. No one got angry, but I stayed somewhat out of the building because they seemed to have their own thing going.

6. No one harshly criticized on another’s work and we worked together to try to find good ideas.
Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.15.49 AM

7. Pressure increased as we had less time because the structure wasn’t stable. We tried to think quickly as time was running out.

8. If we had a better base structure, the tower would have stayed up much better.

9. We definitely practiced outright as it was necessary to complete the tower. New ideas came from trying to stabilize the structure.

10. We celebrated small wins by focusing on improvement after we got one thing right.

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