Art Expo Blog Post

Scrolling through the MCA website showed me that every artwork has it’s own individuality and anyone can turn an ordinary object into a piece of art with creativity.

If an alum gave me the funding to purchase a sculpture to display at Latin, I would choose to display Alexandre da Cunha’s sculpture, Mix (Americana), located at MCA in the New York Gallery. Alexandre’s sculpture, Mix  (Americana), is unique and creative. He used a full-scale cement mixer and turned it into a work of art with an added whimsical feature. When you look through an opening, the inside looks like a kaleidoscope with neat shadows inside. The cost of the sculpture is unknown, but, Mix (Americana), would be a fun and eco-friendly display for Latin. Instead of it sitting in a landfill, it would be admired at school by everyone.


If one of my relatives wanted to purchase a work of art for me I would choose to purchase Lari Pittman’s, Untitled #14 from The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. Lari Pittman’s artwork, Untitled #14, is filled with bright colors that would brighten up any room and the canvas has so many details, some that you can’t even notice at first glance. But, at second or third look, one can see a figure, inanimate objects, numbers, and more. The price of the artwork is unknown. I really like this painting with its bright colors and numerous details and I’d be happy to receive it as a gift.


“I have realized every small little detail in a piece of artwork makes it more individual.”


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