MCA Field Trip Post!

Even though I did not get to go on this field trip, I felt that I was able to see what I missed through their website. I was able to, not only see the sculptures that are there now, but see what was there and what will be there in the coming months.

Heart_Shaped-250x250lamp-e1430940120617-250x213Pastilli-250x250 Capitello-250x250

If I were to get funded by an alum I would have to choose this set of sculptures. These sculptures will be in the Chicago museum of Contemporary Art an the end of the year. They were designed by Charles Eames, George Nelson, Ettore Sottsass, Achille Castiglioni, and Robert Venturi and were organized by an exhibition from Vitra Design Museum. This set is called, Pop Art Design. The price of this is unknown, but I feel that this would make a great set of sculptures to have in the school because the are interactive and they will standout on any flour that we put them on.


The piece of work that I would like a relative to get world be the first of this set, Sign of Their Place. I would like this because It is unique and will look good an any colored wall. I know that this piece isn’t that intricate, but I do like the simplicity of this work and how it might look next to a piece with a more complex look. Both of these pieces are at the Museum of Contemporary Art and the prices are unknown.

Ania Jaworska
Sign of Their Place, 2012
Screen print on folio paper

Ania Jaworska
Landmark of the Area
AKA: Fancy Pants Is Always Late
, 2012
Screen print on folio paper with hand drawing and pattern by Beverly Fre$h

“Shonibare’s MCA Plaza installation includes three of his new Wind Sculptures. Nearly 20 feet high, each sculpture captures the movement of a billowing bolt of fabric.”Shonibare8-975x1460

I don’t have any suggestions because I wasn’t there.

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