Art Expo Blog Post


Blog Assignment

Begin your post with a two-three-sentence critique of the Expo Chicago that could be published in the FORUM.

It was alright.  A lot of work was okay.  Their were a few good pieces.

1. If an alum of the school gave you the funding to purchase a sculpture to prominently display at Latin School which piece would you buy and why?

Give all of the following info in your post-

sophomores need furniture for their lounge. + its cool

Photo/s of work-


Name of artwork

grid system

Artist’s Name

virgil abloh

Cost of the piece



Gallery Location (city?)


2. One of your relatives wants to buy a work of art for you to have. Which piece would you buy and why?

I like marble.  looks cool.

Photo/s of work


Name of artwork

Laptop 2015

Artist’s Name

Ali Weiwei

Cost of the piece



Lisson Gallery

Gallery Location (city?)


Why this piece?

I like it.

Finish the post with a quote that tells us something about a work of art that amazed, delighted or impressed you.

Nothing really.  But I like Wolfgang Tillmans so his Iquitos Amazon print.

*This may not be one of the two you mentioned above…be sure to include the name of the piece and the name of the artist…

and give us any suggestions for improving this field trip…

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