Art Expo 

If I could buy any piece that I saw at the expo it would be Daily time slices by Laurie Frick, displayed in Pavel Zoubok’s gallery. His work is based in New York and this piece was 40,000 dollars. I would put this piece somewhere in the lower school because it’s a beautiful piece but looks like it should be displayed for younger kids. I love the idea of the piece looking like a bookcase with all these tiny books.

I would love for someone to buy me the mirror that looked like it was shattered with the gold glitter glue putting it back together. The work is called untitled and it’s by Carlos Rolon. The piece is selling for 65,000 dollars and it deserves that price. It is so creative and everyone sort of has a superstition behind broken mirrors and this artist made it so lively.

for the forum: I really enjoyed the Art Expo, there were so many pieces that were so imaginative and nothing I had seen before. Every time I walked through a gallery, there was a piece that stood out to me and was so original. The gallery was also so big that I was never bored, there were always new pieces to look at.

Untitled by Joe Brainard (shown below) had a childish aspect to it but it was just something I could not stop staring it. I could just tell the amount of time the artist spent on it and I love that part of it.

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