Art Expo 2015


Looking around the expo, I wanted to find a sculpture emblematic of the transitionary period between middle school and college. I found that in Dustin Yellin’s Psychogeography, pictured here. A Chicago artist, his work was located to the far right of the expo, in the Richard Heller gallery (219). Reminiscent of the fid this! games played during childhood, but this time transformed into a vague adult figure, I thought it represented our evolution (as the sculpture is made of many things, our holistic evolution) into something mature while still having been constructed of our previous youth.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.46.41 AM (it wouldn’t play video)

I mistook the prompt to mean what we would buy for a relative, so when I found Pysichromie 1850 by Carlos Cruz-Diaz, a Venezuelan kinetic artist, in the Major/BORZO Gallery (622), I was trying to find something that would not only please my mom, but integrate well with the color scheme and artistic tone already found in our home. The initial dark coloring of the piece works well with the burgundy of our living room wall, and the transition of color discovered through movement is a subtle but distinctive contrast to our home’s dark palette. The piece itself is visually stunning but doesn’t demand attention, meaning it would work alongside the art my mom already has. (I did show it to her, she loved it.)

A suggestion for improving this field trip would be to switch the schedule some, where we could eat lunch after perhaps an hour of viewing, so as to give us some time to rest and discuss what we’ve seen.

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