Art Expo

I wasn’t at the expo so I can’t critique it.

  1. If an alum of the school gave you the funding to purchase a sculpture to prominently display at Latin School which piece would you buy and why?

I would want this sculpture to be displayed at Latin because I think it represents education. The wires remind me of a bunch of paper clips tangled up, and paper clips remind me of school. I don’t know the dimensions of this piece but big or small I think it would look great in the school.

Photo/s of work-

Marman %26 Borins, Wire Ball, 2012

Name of artwork- Wire Ball

Artist’s Name- Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins

Cost of the piece-?

Gallery- Cristin Tierney Gallery

Gallery Location (city?)-New York

2. One of your relatives wants to buy a work of art for you to have. Which piece would you buy and why?

I would want one of my relatives to buy me this piece of artwork because I really like the colors and the pattern of this piece. I really like the color scheme and how it looks like watercolor. I also really enjoy how the colors are mixed in with the other colors, but at the same time it is separated. I also really like the geometric pattern in this piece.

Photo/s of work


Name of artwork- Scattered Shoals

Artist’s Name- Val Britton

Cost of the piece-?

Gallery-Gallery Wendi Norris

Gallery Location (city?)-San Francisco

“I liked the color scheme of Elizabeth Neel’s piece called ADBC2, I also liked how she combines a-symmetrical and symmetrical elements.”

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