Conceal- Natalie Yandell

IMG_7338IMG_7331 IMG_7344

Conceal by Natalie Yandell, made with Ivory Soap and Plaster

This soap sculpture project was an interesting introduction into this class. With help, I decided to make a sculpture of a compact with pills to symbolize depression. Many times, we don’t see depression on the outside. We have a certain perception of depression that isn’t always correct. The user of the compact can look into the compact and see their own reality, but no one else can. The pills in the compact show how depression can be concealed. So much is unseen. So, with this project, I was able to turn a bar of soap into a piece of art- something with meaning. Although the progress was not always speedy, I wanted to be careful with my project. It was eye opening because you could so easily relate something so small like a piece of soap to a big problem faced by society today. It didn’t come easily, as I was advised to change my first idea. With help, I was able to find a better option for my sculpture: the compact. Sometimes, there is a simpler way. You don’t have to be very elaborate to make something with meaning. Other than that, I didn’t face many other challenges in creating the sculpture. The plaster broke so I had to glue it and molding didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted because I moved my hand, but I had to make do. I thought the process was really enjoyable. I liked being able to take my time and put detail into my project. Hopefully in the next few projects, I can be more careful because the sculpture isn’t necessarily perfect. Overall, it was nice being able to tell a story through a tiny little sculpture.

One thought on “Conceal- Natalie Yandell

  1. I love how your sculpture turned out in the photos – it takes to light really well. The asymmetry of the pills plays very well with how the shadow/light hits the soap underneath. Your title seems on point and instantly invites the audience to examine your piece.


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