Drop- Olivia Johnston


Olivia Johnston

Ivory Soap and Plaster

For my project, I decided to make my sculpture represent the need for clean water in the world. I had a vision going into the project of what I was going to make, but it didn’t turn out as planned. I was planning on having the raindrops be incorporated with the hand somehow, but in the end the raindrops were coming from the top of the photo not even touching the hand. Even the raindrops that i carved turned out to be a different shape by the end of the project.

If I were to do this project again, I would stick to one plan from the beginning rather than changing it throughout. The steps for the project were to create a sculpture out of soap, then to take a mold of our hand using alginate. After taking the mold, we poured plaster into the alginate to create our plaster hand. We then had to carve out the alginate carefully to free the plaster hand. Finally, we took photos of the soap sculpture incorporated with the hand.

This project challenged my thinking because it was very precise in a different kind of way. The saying, “less is more,” was utilized greatly throughout this project. The less alginate and soap you carve out at a time, the more precise you can be. After doing this assignment I think that I am more familiar with the plaster process. Also, we didn’t use just one material for this sculpture, by using soap I think that we got to experience two different types of materials that were incorporated into one project.

IMG_2536 FullSizeRender-3 FullSizeRender-4

IMG_2099 IMG_2463 IMG_2444 IMG_2326

One thought on “Drop- Olivia Johnston

  1. I thought that the way you posed your raindrops in your photos looks really good and interesting. I might have been better if you found string that was clear, so the illusion of floating drops will be more obvious. Also, I thought you could have written how it was hard to make the rain drops look like rain. I do like the way your hand doesn’t touch the water droplets to show how most people don’t get the clean water.


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