Dylan Gray


Ivory soap and plaster

In just three years, more than 100,000 elephants were killed for their ivory. There are only about 200,000-300,000 elephants left in the world. My project is a decorated piece of ivory and the hand, that it sits on, which shows the importance to stop the trade of elephant ivory.

Ivory is taken from these elephants by killing them first. Elephants are already endangered and killing them for the ivory is decreasing how many of them are left in the wild. From the casting and sculpting that was required for this project, I have learned many skills. I learned how to make my a mold from alginate and cast a hand in plaster, and probably other objects. I also learned how to carve what I choose into a piece of soap.

From the carving experience that I had, I can try and carve a sculpture into wood, or any other malleable material. Before I started this project, I found it had to picture an image into a piece of soap and to carve it out. I also don’t have a lot of patients, so working with soap and being careful with it really challenged me. If I did a project like this again, I would probably plan more of how the displaying of the sculpture would look and I would carve a little slower and change tools often to get more detail into my soap.


This link shows what is being taken to stop poaching.

Statistics are form…


IMG_20151008_114712775_HDR IMG_20151008_114648306_HDR IMG_20151008_114628840_HDR IMG_20151008_114615359_HDR

While working, my sculpture looked like this…

IMG_20151001_082314358IMG_20151001_082731213  IMG_20151001_081414662

One thought on “Poached

  1. Dylan, I really liked how you opened your project with facts about your cause that your supporting through this project. I would elaborate a little more about how when working with soap you have to be careful. Maybe talk about the texture of it and how that was difficult to work with, etc. Overall, i think you gave your readers an interesting perspective at your project.


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