Lobes – Sophie Norris – Ivory Soap, Plaster 


Sophie Norris

I made a brain carved in soap to represent the growing population of Alzheimer’s disease and to increase awareness of the disease. Originally it took me a very long time to visualize my project but with a lot of help from classmates I found four views that made the most sense for my project. I decided to use two bars of ivory soap so my brain could be larger and easier to relate to a real brain.

This project helped me to see the importance in planning and treating each step of the process as an important step. I accomplished every view I wanted to and I created a piece I am proud of. If I had more time I would make the shape of the brain a little more realistic to a real brain. I also would have used two hands so that more views of my brain could be shown in just one picture. I want to do another project that has similar steps to this one, so I can perfect the process in making a sculpture and art in general.

This is a link to an article about the growing population of people with Alzeimers. It depicts exactly what I am trying to make aware.  http://www.newrepublic.com/article/119265/alzheimers-disease-statistics-show-illness-will-define-our-times


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