Marriage, Zyana Slade-Bridges– Soap and Plaster

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The concept of child brides is outrageous, tragic, and deeply concerning. Initially I had a lot of trouble coming up with an idea for this project, but when I was faced with the challenge of choosing one problem in the world that I was concerned about, I immediately thought of child brides. So many little girls marry men more than 3 times their age every single day, yet no one take time to think about this issue. Hopefully my sculpture is thought provoking and enables people to have conversations about the devastating this that is happening to little girls.

I modeled my sculpture after a ring pop because they are innocent and child-like, like the little girls, yet you suck a ring pop. The lives are slowly sucked out of these children through their marriages.

At the beginning of this project, all of the diamonds I made for the ring where too small, and I had a difficult time figuring out the perfect measurements. Eventually I was able to make a diamond that was nearly symmetrical, but was also rather large. As for the ring, this was impossible to make our of soap and at one point I tried to use wire and metal cylinders to form one. In the end I decided to use the ring from an actual ring pop.

I had a bunch of fun casting my hand, and in the future I would live to cast my entire body!

This project was a great introductory project for this class and I learned a lot about myself as a sculptor.

Reference Photo:

Zyana's Ring Pop

Child Bride Information

One thought on “Marriage, Zyana Slade-Bridges– Soap and Plaster

  1. Your sculpture turned out so well! I thought that your sculpture translated your ideas very well. The lines could be sharper on the soap, but that isn’t necessarily easy to do. I think it’s great how you found solutions to your problems, like using the actual ring pop. This is a great piece.


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