Peace – Anika Jagasia


Anika Jagasia

Ivory Soap and Plaster

The purpose of the soap carving project was to carve a sculpture which represents an important issue. I chose to carve a dove out of soap to represent world peace. The process of carving a dove out of soap involved first tracing the bar of soap on a sheet of paper, examining my reference pictures, and sketching. After one failed attempt to carve a dove with outstretched wings, I started over, carving a dove in a sitting position with tucked wings. During my second attempt, I spent more time examining my reference photos and was more careful to carve away soap because I learned from my first attempt to carve away little by little and that patience is key. After completing my dove, I felt proud of my accomplishment.

My initial thought going into the project was that carving a dove out of soap was going to be challenging, especially because I had no experience in soap carving. But, throughout the carving process, and afterwards, I learned that having patience was key, and having the insight to use the appropriate tools helped the process significantly.

I would relate the soap sculpture project to writing an analytical essay in English class. Writing an analytical essay and carving a dove out of soap both need a lot of preparation. Once started, they need to be revised and revisited, all of which requiring a lot of patience. Once finished, there is a great sense of pride.

Overall, I feel proud of my work because I put in a lot of time and patience to carve my dove as best as I could. I am happy with the wings I carved and the head of the dove. If I could carve the dove again, I would elongate the body and the beak.

As a result of this learning experience, I would like to set a future goal to carve objects out of soap more often. The soap carving project was assigned to create a sculpture that was meaningful. In  this process, I realized how relaxing soap carving can be.

Reference pictures I used:



The process of carving my dove is summarized below by a few snapshots of the major steps I took to carve the dove. I started out by carving a dove with outstretched wings but then decided it’d be best to carve a dove in sitting position. I started with a fresh start by carving the shape of the body and eventually adding the details. The last steps I took were adding the wings and the wire feet.

IMG_6344 IMG_6432IMG_6434  IMG_6538  IMG_6537

The last major step to completing my dove sculpture project was plastering my hand that would hold my dove. To plaster our hands we used alginate and casting plaster.

IMG_6457IMG_6464 IMG_6484

Overall, I am proud of the dove I carved and my hand that I plastered. Below are three views of my final project.

IMG_6520IMG_6525 IMG_6523

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3 thoughts on “Peace – Anika Jagasia

  1. This is pretty well written, I don’t see any grammatical errors which is good. I think that you could talk a little more about the carving process. You kind of skim over it, maybe include the tools you used to carve the dove. I also like how you separated each section rather than having all of it condensed in one huge paragraph.


  2. I really like the legs that you put on the dove, I actually think it looks more natural than say, carved legs, since the dove has to actually balance on the thin legs. I also think you did a great job on the head of the dove, especially the beak. Maybe you could improve a bit on the wings by adding more detail, but it could just be the lighting of the picture that makes them look a little plain.


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