Shark Poached

Jeremy Jaffe

Shark Poached,

Ivory soap and plaster

I created this shark tooth by carving it out of ivory soap, using many tools ranging from scalpels all the way to tooth brushes. After I was done with the tooth, I moved onto making a mold of my hand. First, I dipped my hand into alginate, then let it dry. Next, I put plaster into the mold and let that dry. I had to then cut out the object using a scalpel, but I had to be very careful to insure that I didn’t cut my plaster hand.

While working on the project, I accomplished way more than I had originally intended to do. After a few days, I was ready to stop carving my shark tooth, but with the advice of Ms.Kerrigan, I think I turned what would have been terrible art project into something that I am proud of. Before this project, I had assumed that I was terrible at art and that I couldn’t really make anything nice, but I was proved wrong, by myself. I put effort into my project and now I know I am capable of making good art.

I think that I can learn from this experience by working harder on all my future art projects and not assuming that I can’t do them well. This work connects with other courses because it shows that patience, and perseverance does pay off, and if I’m ever struggling with anything I can think back to this and see that I shouldn’t give up.

On the project itself, I feel that I did relatively a good job at getting the details of the shark’s tooth in. At first it just looked like an outline of a shark tooth, but I turned it into something that in my eyes looks somewhat like a real shark tooth. Maybe I could improve on it by putting more details on the back and by making the ridges on the side of the tooth sharper.

If I were to do this project again, I would have spent more time making the top of the tooth a bit more curvy, rather than flat, however I can’t fix this right now because there isn’t enough soap on the top.

The reason I picked a shark tooth was to try and send a message about shark finning. It’s becoming a huge issue since over 10 million sharks are killed a year because of their valuable shark fins that can be made into very expensive soup. These sharks are not even killed humanly, they die a slow painful death. I think the whole idea of shark finning is totally wrong. Instead of picking a fin, or a whole shark, I picked a tooth, since I believe it is a more powerful symbol, when people think of sharks, they think of the teeth.

Final picture


Some steps along the way. Pictures 1-2 have to do with the molding process, while picture 3 has to do with the carving process.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 8.55.18 AMPhoto on 9-28-15 at 11.41 AMPhoto on 9-18-15 at 9.04 AM

One thought on “Shark Poached

  1. Jeremy,

    I thought your blog post was thoughtful and detailed. I like how elaborate you were when talking about the carving process and the pictures your provided showing the process. Overall, the pictures you added look really good. I would suggest starting the blog post with the reason why you choose to carve a shark tooth, and the message the shark tooth represents. Your blog post was very interesting to read and it’s great how honest you were in the post too.


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