The Hearty Hand – Keaton Bubala – Ivory Soap Sculpture 

I sculpted an anatomical heart out of soap in order to raise the awareness of heart problems in America. In this project I accomplished a lot. In order to get my anatomical heart the way it is now, I started by scaling a few pictures from the internet. From there it was smooth sailing. I realized that I dont really work with exacto knives well… there were a few close calls but I got through this with only a few minor cuts. Some challenges that really made me think about how to go about my carving, were the perspectives and really making my heart 3D, not just 2D. I think this really connects to other classes in the sense that I have to look at arguments and topics from multiple views. I think when plastering my hand I could have made it easier for myself, because my hand wouldnt stand up on its own due to its wrist position. If I were to do this again I would definitely make my plaster hand earlier in the year, therefore if I needed to re-plaster I wouldnt be in a time crunch. Below are my finished pieces.  


One thought on “The Hearty Hand – Keaton Bubala – Ivory Soap Sculpture 

  1. I really enjoyed the fact that you took the time to make your heart 3D instead of 2D, the hard work you spent sculpting the details really showed in the final product. What is especially cool about the piece is how the soap is recognizable as a heart to the viewer without the artist describing it. Overall, a well crafted heart and healthy sentiment.

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