Tumbleweed By Andy Colman

IMG_3150 IMG_3148 IMG_3147

This project has been very taxing both mentally and physically. Throughout the process of crafting metal wires into sculptural bliss I have faced a lot of adversity. My fingers and nails are scarred for life from the creation of this masterpiece and these wounds will constantly remind me of what art means to me.

Throughout this procedure, I was able to accomplish many things but first and foremost I was able to portray the organic nature of plants through a non-organic medium. In order to achieve this, I bent the wires freely and randomly, most of the time using my bare hands.

While producing this chandelier, I learned how difficult it is to work with wires. Although wire sculptures look simplistic in most cases, working with them is a challenge. After completing this assignment, I now have a new respect for metal sculptures worldwide.

When first getting my wire and preparing to sculpt, It was very challenging knowing where and how to start. After awhile, I was able to push past this and complete the piece. The work I completed in this class relates closely to what we have been learning in Biology in terms of plant life.

In terms of taking next steps, I would like to create other sculptures which represent plant life and other natural parts of the world.

Overall, I was able to craft an organic piece very well in an efficient amount of time as well as learn to bend metal well with my hands. In the future, I need to make sure my piece is more safe for touching. If I could do it over again, I would purchase a pair of gloves to a avoid messiness and pain.

2 thoughts on “Tumbleweed By Andy Colman

  1. Very intriguing! Your sculpture invites the eye to have a closer look. Perhaps in the future you could bend the ends of the wire to insure your safety when building a sculpture. I really like how many wires you used. How does this relate to plant life? Excellent sculpture!


  2. I like how your piece looks very abstract. I would have liked to know where your inspiration came from and how this idea came to you. Overall I liked your attitude towards your project and how you are looking to improve for the next project.


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