Branches – Sophie Norris

I made a piece that is supposed to resemble the Beijing National Stadium, Bird’s Nest made for the Beijing Olympics. I think I did a god job replicating the “birds nest” to my best ability. This time around it took a much shorter time to visualize my project although it still took me a few days to start creating. I am often hesistant in my work process because I do not know where to begin, but through this project I realized that just starting with something is better than just staring at the materials waiting for an idea of where to start.

I knew I wanted the light in the center of my piece so I started working around it. Because of my inspiration  I thought all the wires would cast a lot of shadows on to the stage, and the best way to cast the most shadows was to have the Edison bulb in the middle. I struggled a lot in making my structure balanced. When we were about a week into the project I realized, it did not have to be perfectly symmetrical and I stopped worrying about making everything perfect and straight. Once I did that my process moved smoothly. I wrapped long wires around to create a greater surface area of wire around the perimeter.

With only a few cuts and some scratches, I finished my piece on our last work day. If I did this same type of project again I would just start right away and not try to think of every detail in the planning process. In the first project I didn’t plan enough, and in this one I focused too much on the structure of the process. Hopefully, I will be somewhere in the middle for the next project.


2 thoughts on “Branches – Sophie Norris

  1. I really like how you were able to embody the bird’s nest stadium, without recreating the stadium. For you photos, I think it would have been nice to see your sculpture with the light off. Also, if you added photos of your process, we can see the steps that you took, and be able to see where it “clicked” for you. Over all, I feel that you are able to see the birds nest in your work.


  2. I like the way this piece is both a representation of an organic structure and a famous architectural monument. I think the way the wires flow around the centered bulb give the piece a sense of fullness and leaves the viewer feeling satisfied. Keep sculpting soph.


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