Prism by: Olivia Johnston

For this project, I decided to create a piece out of wire that replicates the Louvre pyramid. However, I chose to make the pyramid taller rather than wider, and I chose have a different pattern where the windows would be.

We started this project by choosing a reference piece of architecture and creating a sketch of what we wanted our sculpture to look like. We then created the sculpture out of wire and attached a light bulb and turned it into a chandelier. Our projects then will be featured in a gallery show and a dance show.

If I were to recreate this project, I would make the pyramid wider like the actual pyramid rather than taller. I think a wider pyramid gives the piece more dimension. Also, I would also change the size of my pyramid. I think that if my piece were bigger it would allow me to add more intricate patterns to where the windows would be.

IMG_2658 IMG_6890 IMG_8911 IMG_7948 IMG_5697 IMG_6115 IMG_2779I think that I could have made my piece better by making the placement of the wire on the sides neater. The intervals between the wires could have been more precise to create a cleaner look. However, I think the overall look to my piece is very interesting and pleasing to the eye.



4 thoughts on “Prism by: Olivia Johnston

  1. Hi Olivia, I really like the “Louvre influenced” structure you created! I think you did a great job with the precision of the wiring, and really like how each side is in opposition of the other; it must’ve taken a lot of time and patience to put this together; and how interesting that it’s a chandelier! Would love to see a picture when it’s “lit” 🙂 Congratulatulations Olivia! Love it!

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  2. Olivia, I really enjoyed the fact that the wire is so straight. I know from experience, that it is very hard to do. I think it really made your piece spectacular. I also enjoyed the pictures you posted. I think that going outside of the box and creating the sky as your background was very clever. I think you did a very nice job in making you whole piece very symmetrical. Your post was a representation of gramatical perfection, over all fantastic job.


  3. I really like your project. I think the simplicity of your project makes it look really sharp. If you put one of the pictures of the Louvre it would have been better, so I can see what it looks like. Over all, It was one of my favorite projects, other then mine, of course.


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