The Hat by Dylan Gray


This chandelier was inspired by Antoni Gaudi. I worked with different gauges of wire to create non-geometric shapes.

Managing the time that it took to create the flowers was a challenges that I faced. I thought the chandelier would be more in the form of a house, but it turned out to be more like a hat. This was better because it turned out to be more free-flowing that it would have been.

The repeating flower design allowed for a interesting texture to the chandelier.

I thought that I used the space that I boxed out very well. I did this by creating a texture with the repeating flower designs. I should have focused more on the creations of my flowers, especially the four big ones that surrounded the base. The next steps that I would take with the skills that I learned would be to try and make a wire sculpture of either an animal, like a frog, or of something inspired by a architect, who isn’t as free flowing as Gaudi.

While doing this project, my sculpture look like:


My inspiration was:

images-3 images-2 curvy-building images-4 784db32662085404f8fd8dc38a68fe17 images-5

3 thoughts on “The Hat by Dylan Gray

  1. I really like the flowers and the structure of your piece. You did a very good job replicating the ideas of your artist which is hard to do. Great job!!


  2. You could have taken photos from different angles so the flowers would be more visible. I think the detail of your piece is really great, I just wish I could have seen it a little better.


  3. I noticed one error in you blog which was when you forgot to add the ed to look. I really do like the look of your sculpture. The curvy base wires are well complimented by the flowers that you clearly worked hard on. In my opinion, I think that the bottom half looks a little strange because of it’s use of open space, maybe it would look better if you implemented the flowers from above to the legs of your sculpture. I think that it would add a level of conformity that would look really nice.


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