The Tower by Jeremy

After working diligently on my art piece based off the John Hancock building located in Chicago, I was able to create a piece that used the idea of a tower supported by x’s as well as incorporate the antenna into it. To build the tower out of wire that could support a light bulb and itself, I actually had the straighten out the wire as well as intertwine it with another wire. The wire was fastened to a clamp and I took a drill and spun it to straighten it out. I did the same with another wire to intertwine them. From there I created hooks at the ends of the wires and hooked them together until I had built my sculpture. The most difficult part was probably getting the sculpture to hang without the wires bending under the weight, but I was able to overcome this with experimentation of different wire widths supporting the frame of the sculpture.  Once I had finished the project, I was relieved that I had finished because I had thought that I didn’t have enough time to complete it. I believe this was due to good time management rather than messing around in the class room. I always focused on working, and I think that’s why I was able to finish a sculpture as big as mine. Now that I have done this, it’s another way of showing that if I allocate my time wisely I will be able to achieve goals that I didn’t think were possible. A lot like the last project; however, this is more focusing on making sure I’m productive whenever I should be. I think that I can incorporate this timeliness with other classes by always working whenever I have time. This will help me finish my work faster as well as make sure it is done on time.  I think a good next step would be pick something a bit more ambitious, I feel that my sculpture, although I worked hard on it, could definitely have been a bit more interesting. If I could do this project again, I probably would have gone for a more interesting, detailed, and creative sculpture, but what’s done is done. I feel like I went more for quantity rather than quality and I will strive to change that on the next project. I also think I could have been a bit more careful with measurements because my end product actually has a slight slant. Originally it was more severe, but I was able to go back and make it much smaller by shortening some wires that were too long. All together, I feel like I could have done a better job on this project and I do feel like it was a large step down in quality from my previous soap sculpture. I will try to make next project more interesting, detailed, and precise.

Inspiration from the John Hancock building










2 thoughts on “The Tower by Jeremy

  1. You can definitely tell from where your inspiration is derived. In terms of overall silhouette (while I would agree it’s maybe not as ambitious as maybe you wanted it to be) I actually like the simple x’s, as they create an interesting and complicated impression when taken as a whole with the white background. It almost gives the impact of a 2D drawing. This might be offset when the light is turned on, but it will definitely make for some great shadows, especially with the technique you used to strengthen your wires.


  2. Jeremy, I really liked your project in the sense that is really replicates the John Hancock building. I also enjoyed the fact that even though the windows on your sculpture look like the windows on the Hancock, the structure of your piece is a little wider and shorter. I think that since the structure of your piece is different than the John Hancock, it gives a unique impression to the viewer.


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