Willis Bubala

The chandelier project challenged me to think about construction and design together. I used the Sears Tower as my inspiration, and ended up creating a chandelier that was more literal than I intended – but it is cool, regardless. I can see it hanging in a very tall stairway or entry in a large lobby. I would like to work on being more abstract in my thinking, and using elements of the Sears Tower as inspiration more than a blueprint. I like the whimsical version I created, and found working with wire easier than I anticipated. Next time, I would like to try to focus on the architectural elements first, and work on incorporating those in a more abstract design. I believe this may result in an interesting chandelier. I used my geometry knowledge to help achieve appropriate scale, and what I learned in science about the laws of physics to adjust for weight and balance. Overall, this project reminded me that I want to work on thinking about my work beyond what is obvious or as a result of my first thoughts about a project. I also learned that sometimes, in order to achieve a creative perspective, I need to work with the material and experiment, and not just plan on paper.     

One thought on “Willis Bubala

  1. Keaton, I really liked the straightforwardness of your piece. Just from looking at it from a glance, you can tell clearly that it is based off of the Willis tower. However, I would be more precise in where the wires are placed and connected to give your piece a neater look. But, i think the overall appearance of your sculpture is great.


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