El Anatsui

Working with wood, clay, metal, and the discarded metal caps of liquor bottles, El Anatsui breaks with sculpture’s traditional adherence to forms of fixed shape while visually referencing the history of abstraction in African and European art. Anatsui’s works trace a broader story of colonial and postcolonial economic and cultural exchange, told in the history of cast-off materials, while exploring ideas about the everyday function of objects and the role of language in deciphering visual symbols.

10 thoughts on “El Anatsui

  1. I really like how he used really cheap and inexpensive metals to create his work. I thought it was really cool how to he took many small metal pieces and put them down on a flat surface, then looked at them from above to see a picture/image. I may consider making a 2d picture.


  2. When I start my project I am going to try to connect my material in various ways to see what works best, like the people in the video. I’m also going to try not to get too attached to one idea too much.


  3. I did not like El Anatusi’s art as much as Tara Donovan’s work. I felt that El’s work was less creative in terms of crafting pieces of his work into interesting structures. However, I did appreciate the amount of effort he put into flattening each bottle cap.


  4. I like his work because of all the different ways you can rearrange objects to create different prices of work. I think he uses his materials better that Tara Donova because of all the different ways they were used.


  5. It’s fascinating how the artists are able to us something like bottle caps to make something so beautiful. I think it’s really great how versatile the work is- how it can be moved. With this inspiration, I hope to make a versatile structure.


  6. What really intruiged me was they way that they looked at their work differently. When they finished their sculpture, they put it on the ground and got a lot of different perspectives from it. This strategy will most definitely effect my project.


  7. He was always playing with his work and trying to create new sculptures with the same material. When I begin working I am going to think about other ways my material can be used and make it look as far from the original object.


  8. I really liked how creative El Anatusi was in transforming metals caps. I also admire how much time they spent putting together the layout of the artwork. From watching El Anatusi’s video, I am inspired to take my time on changing up the layout of my piece after I have my materials.


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