Tara Donovan

“I develop systems based on the physical properties and structural capabilities of a singular accumulated material. The unit is then reproduced according to given special conditions and collected in various ways to discover how it behaves visually in a population. The final form evolves organically from the material itself via its innate properties and structure. Installed specifically for each exhibition space, these forms function as fields of visual activity”

-Tara Donovan, from her artist statement

System: A set of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated whole.

• Systems have a structure defined by their individual components; these components dictate the composition of the whole.

• Systems have interconnectivity; the various parts of a system have functional as well as structural relationships to each other.

• Systems often have a set of rules that govern structure (how it comes together) and behavior

10 thoughts on “Tara Donovan

  1. I feel that her work looks really good. Most of her people looks very elegant and high end, while only using lower, not high end material, like paper and buttons. I like this one better than the other because I can see the repetitive objects better,


  2. I really thought that these pieces of art were really cool looking. I liked that she went with using many clear objects that allowed light to shine through it. It gave the piece a really nice look, almost like it was emitting energy. I may consider using clear objects in my project.


  3. I really liked the way Tara Donovan’s pieces worked hand in hand with light. If I were to see her pieces in person, I would like to move around the art to explore the different ways light interacts with the piece. On top of this, she found a way of making “garbage” materials look high end and clean cut which is always a challenge for sculpture.


  4. I really like the fact that she incoorporates light into her pieces to almost make them seem alive. She uses the light to an advanced and uses mostly light reflecting object which also helps a lot. I think this will effect my piece a lot, and how i go about building it.


  5. I liked how flexible she was with her work. She said she had no inspiration and the best method to work was to just get started which is very inspiring to me. She completely transformed the material she was working with, which is my goal for this project. I could not find a pattern in her work style which is very rare and impressive.


  6. I liked how Tara Donovan took ordinary objects and turned them into creative pieces of artwork. My favorite piece of artwork I saw in the video was the Untitled piece with the buttons. I thought her button artwork was very inspirational in taking an ordinary everyday objects and turning them into a spectacular piece of artwork.


  7. When looking at these sculptures, i realized that repetition is significantly different than symmetry. Before watching these videos, whenever i thought of repetition i imagined a sculpture with symmetry.


  8. I think that it’s very interesting how she combined everyday objects into something totally different. I love how she created shapes and designs off of the objects she used. Hopefully I will somehow be able to use the objects to make something completely new.


  9. Tara Donovan’s work inspired me particularly as I was already attracted to the idea of using a reflective material as my muse. As for the end-product: well, I was originally convinced to make it something recognizable and structured, whereas now I’m gravitating towards working along the material rather than only manipulating it to a pre-designed idea. Her work itself is gorgeous and amazingly organic given the medium used, and reflects the light beautifully.


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