This sculpture was constructed with individual gears that would normally make up a watch. By using different types of gears, I was able to learn how to construct a three dimensional form by connecting them in different ways.

Figuring out how to connect the gears was the hardest part of this sculpture. Also, figuring out what I was planning on doing was hard for me, because I thought it would look good as a two dimensional form.

By allowing the gears to grow, I feel I utilized the space around the sculpture well. If I was able to redo this project, I would try to weld or use some other medium to connect the gears, so there would not be glops of glue at each connection. Doing that, would allow me to be more risky in my choices and allow the sculpture to have more negative space, which might make the sculpture better.

Some gears are used in watches to allow people to keep track of time in. The definition of a gear is, “a mechanism or group of parts performing one function or serving one purpose in a complex machine.” This project is the definition of gears because it is suppose to show how time isn’t as linear as most people think. 


While working:


3 thoughts on “Gears

  1. I really do like the sculpture you build and how you just let it grow into whatever form it wanted. My only concern are the globs of glue, I know you said you would rather have welded them together, but I do think it is definitely possible to use hot glue to put them together without having those globs. Maybe if you were more precise you would have achieved the negative space you originally intended your project to have. The meaning of your project is pretty cool, I like the idea of time not being as linear as one would think. It’s totally up for interpretation. Overall, you did a great job with your project.


  2. Dylan, the meaning behind the Gears Sculpture is unique and thoughtful. I never thought of time as not being linear, and I like how your thought deeper about the meaning of nonlinear time. Your final sculpture looks amazing and I really like the bridge-like format of your sculpture. If you were to build this gear project again, I would suggest giving the the sculpture more height and building up with the gears. Overall, your artwork is phenomenal and shows the effort and care you put into it. Amazing job!


  3. You have a great concept and I think that it was well executed. The work in progress photos show how you really evolved the piece from a flatter surface like a watch face to a unique 3D object. You were understandably frustrated by the use of a glue gun, if you were to use a clear of very light string next time, it might ease some of your frustration. Great sculpture!


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