Airplane Graveyard

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This project was by far one of my favorites. The requirements of this project were to create a larger sculpture out of 100 objects of our choice. I chose to use paper airplanes crafted by the students and staff of the Latin School of Chicago. With the smaller paper airplanes, I crafted a much larger wing like creation. The effect of the folds in the paper gives the sculpture a feathered look.

My goal when embarking upon this mission was to portray the beauty in mass creation. The simplicity of each individual peace is dull and monotonous but together, a mighty, intricate sculpture is formed. That is where the magic happens. Although abstract, my piece radiates the values of team work and collaboration.

Unfortunately, I did come across some challenges while working on this project. The hardest part was knowing where to start. Once I finally just begun to glue paper together, the rest flowed into place.

Overall, I learned the importance and value of teamwork that I did not think could be applied to art.


One thought on “Airplane Graveyard

  1. Andy, i love this project! Though I think you could have done more by making an entire airplane, i love how you used the entire school community to create this! I think that using the faculty and staff, as well as the students creates a strong sense of community that really appeals to me. I think the effort put into this piece is good at best, still debating which is better “Tumbleweed” or this. Overall great job.


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