Binge by Zyana Indigo Slade- Bridges


When I began this project I was really excited about choosing my own material, but I had a lot of ideas that sounded impossible. Most of these ideas had to do with food. Making a sculpture out of 100 sugar cubes without them all disintegrating seemed impossible and chewing up 100 separate pieces of gum and making something interested me and grossed me out at the same time. I ended up choosing to use shot glasses and small disposable containers which are two things that are related to food, but they aren’t nearly as messy. Using the shot glasses was both fun and simple. I used colorful wire to connect them by drilling holes in the glasses then threading the wires through and tying them. At first, the sculpture didn’t get much wider, it was just long and thin, but once I added the larger containers, the piece evolved. I like the amount of space that is taken up, and that the piece is over 5 feet tall. If I were to do this project again, I’d be sure to think through how I would construct it first.

Overall, this sculpture is meant to show the dangers of underage drinking. The fun, childlike colors of the wire symbolize youth which contrasts the shot glasses. Shape wise, the long tangled structure of the sculpture show hows addiction is a long path. Many youth in America begin drinking in high school, some as young as twelve.

Work In Progress:IMG_0948IMG_0949

6 thoughts on “Binge by Zyana Indigo Slade- Bridges

  1. This is super original and I like it a lot. I love the contrast of the colors with the shot glasses and how it looks very playful but the meaning behind it is dangerous. It photographed really well and the movement of the piece is really creative. I really like how you didn’t really know how they were going to all hang together at the beginning but it turned into an awesome long strand.


  2. Zyana, I love your sculpture. You did a great job of incorporating the colorful wires with the shot glasses, and it looks great against the black background. I think it’s interesting how you incorporated the meaning of your project in the composition so well. I know you experimented with paint on the shot glass before, but I wonder how it would have looked if you did that instead of the colorful wire. Wonderful project!


  3. I really like your project too. I think that it looks like you had fun while making it. You can see this by the colorful wires that you used and the kinda playful aspect that you project has. One suggestion that you could have used to make it wider is to use a stronger wire and build it out and down, instead of just down. Overall, I thing you project is very interesting, and something that would just lighten up a room.


  4. I like how these are all connected through knots. A simple childhood challenge of tying ones shoes connects the playfulness of colors (infancy) of the wires to adolescence. knots holding up the cups(which you refer to as drinking), is a misstep in what teenagers think is the connection to adulthood.


  5. I think the meaning behind your sculpture displays itself well, especially in the composition of the first photo where the almost too chaotic swirl of colors and sharp clear edges spirals down into the black of the background. The gradual gathering of shape at the bottom contrasting with the absence of sculpture after it is a really nice contrast. Since it’s partially clear, I would like to see what would happen if it was placed in a different environment and how that would shape it. The overall product is mesmerizing. Great job.


  6. Zyana, your sculpture is creative and colorful, I love it. The colorful string you choose to connect the glasses brightens up your sculpture and I think it was an excellent choice in using a variety of colorful string instead of one color. I love how you elongated your sculpture by hanging it with the dangling glasses. I would suggest next time to give your sculpture more of a width or even add a variety of glasses not just the same glasses to Binges. Also, the meaning behind Binges is clever and sends a positive message, I like it. Overall, Binges is a unique artwork and sends out a great message of underage drinking, excellent job!


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