Crayola Forest by Olivia Johnston

For this project, I decided to use 100 crayons. I chose to work with crayons because crayons are a really well known item that I could make into something completely different and unique. Also, I really like how colorful crayons are so that would give my project a vibrant look. Crayons were a big part of my childhood so when I had the option to work with them again I was thrilled.

I used hot glue, crayons and an exacto knife to create my sculpture. First I would choose a crayon, cut it with an exacto knife, and use hot glue and add it to my sculpture. The more crayons I added to my piece, the less stable it would become. It was fairly difficult to glue the crayons onto the sculpture because the hot glue would melt the wax on the bottoms of the crayon. If I were to recreate this project, I would use some sort of a super glue so the crayon wax wouldn’t melt. That would mean I could add more crayons to my project without it becoming less stable.

This project could have improved by having neater hot glue. What I mean by that is there are a lot of places where hot glue is visible. To make this project neater I would have been more careful on how much glue I used for each crayon. Overall, I think that I really created an interesting piece using crayons. This project shows that ordinary items can be manipulated in a way that has never been seen before.


Progress Photos:


Final Result:


7 thoughts on “Crayola Forest by Olivia Johnston

  1. I really enjoyed this piece on both a visual and metaphorical level. I thought that your reasoning for using crayons to create the piece was clever and your response was well thought out. Having also created a masterpiece sculpture, I understand the struggle of working with hot glue and the difficulty of creating a stable piece. Finally, you photographed the work very well.


  2. Olivia, I really like your project because of how colorful it is, and how free flowing it looks. I don’t have anything negative to say about you project but it you post, there are a lot of commas that you need to add. I thought about using crayons, too, for this project, but i am glad that you did it because I don’t feel like I would have been able to make this.


  3. Olivia, I love this project! I think that the fact you used something from everybody’s childhood is very relatable and connects to every person that views this piece. I think that using something that helped us create new things on a sheet of paper when we were younger really translates to the freedom of your sculpture today. Overall i think you did a fantastic job and i am depressed too see your work come to an end! I hope you continue making sculptures beyond this class so i can see what marvelous things are to come!


  4. This piece really exemplifies how you can manipulate a material into something so far from how it started. Your photos turned out so well! I think your choice of using a white background instead of black was very wise. It makes the vibrant colors pop and the message of your piece comes across very clear. I could easily see this in a kindergarten or even the lower school at Latin.


  5. Olivia, I think you created a cool project that utilized different vibrant colors to create almost a rainbow spectrum. I really like how it looks abstract with crayons coming out of each other, seemingly from nowhere. Surprisingly enough, I don’t actually see the glue you were talking about, maybe it’s just something you see since you built the sculpture. Maybe if you were to do it again, you could add some of the darker crayons to the base, or categorized it so it went from lightest to darkest. Overall, nice job.


  6. Olivia, your sculpture looks wonderful. I love how all of the colors come together. You chose a great material- nostalgia is powerful. I like how the crayons jut out because they are all in the right places. I used a hot glue gun for my project too and I have to say that the glue gun doesn’t really help create a stable structure. Great work!


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