Reflections – Sophie Norris

For our final project in sculpture we had to individually choose a material that we could use 100 times to create a piece. I chose to use pieces of tinfoil, but ultimately 100 tinfoil circles. I started by folding the tinfoil and then creating circles with about 2 inch diameters. I made about 15 circles of the same size and after observing how all of the circles looked together, I began to gradually make the circles larger to give my piece more contrast. I was unsure of how all of the tinfoil would look like together but it created an interesting reflection when in a bright space. As my piece grew, I held it up to different lights at different levels and decided it would look best in a well lit room laying horizontally.

I am glad I chose a really flexible material because it made my project very open ended. The best part of this project was just watching my piece grow day by day and not really knowing where I was going to go next with it. This piece was really about growth and movement. The way all of the tinfoil came together was really nice and I was happy to see it turn out the way it did. I think I was very successful with this piece, however I do think I could have constructed it a little more carefully. Some of the circles are more ovular than originally planed. They warped due to the excessive amounts of hot glue and the weight of the entire piece. I would have never been able to guess what it would look like in the end but I am very happy with the way it turned out. 

Here are some of my pictures throughout the my process:  

Final pictures:



3 thoughts on “Reflections – Sophie Norris

  1. I really love the organic yet purposeful nature of this piece. The closeup photo is gorgeous; the lights hits the tinfoil beautifully, both rendering it dramatic and capturing its multidimensionality. The play of size and shape works well, and the choice to place smaller pieces around the largest ones is eye-catching. You can definitely see that your inspiration of free movement directed its construction.


  2. I really like how your project turned out. I totally understand how you weren’t able to picture the end result, even though the finished sculpture is nice and unique, I think that drawing pictures of ideas and shapes would have helped make the building process easier and allow you to pay more attention to details. The sculpture photographs well.


  3. When I first heard that you were going to use tinfoil, I was exceedingly disappointed in your creativity and general attitude. However, you were able to take a classic or cliché material (for this project (or for sculptures in general)) and create something really cool. The way that the tinfoil is crafted gives the piece an organic look made up of a non organic material. Also, the way the light shimmers off the surface gives the piece a surreal look. Also, you were able to sell your piece for a profit which is more than can be said about a lot of peoples work in this class (myself not included). I am currently in negation for my last piece “tumbleweed™” (Colman 2015). Anyways, good work.


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