Starbucks Revolution

While pondering the challenge of 100, I wanted to make my sculpture something meaningful. I looked up current events and I came across a rather interesting article that was entitled “Starbucks removed Christmas from their cups because they hate Jesus.” I reacted with unexpected anger, and I knew immediately that I wanted to make a statement with my sculpture. Supported by my own personal knowledge and some research, I am more impressed than ever with the example Starbucks sets as a company. Kindness, giving back and supporting their employees are some of the examples they live by. Most relevant to my project is their acceptance and obvious efforts to celebrate people and cultures around the world. I asked the staff at my “home” Starbucks for 100 of the green plastic stoppers that keep the coffee from spilling out of the lids. I appreciate the companies’ effort to find a simple solution to an obstacle that their customers experience. As a nod to the season, and to Starbucks holiday cups last year, I decided to make snowflakes with the stoppers. I came across many obstacles when figuring out how to place, attach, and maneuver my Starbucks stoppers. Once I found a solution for attaching them to one another, I was able to continue with executing my vision. I started by making two-dimensional symmetric patterns for the bases, and then glued them together. This created an easy starting point from where I created the rest of each figure. I enjoyed making these sculptures, and although I see them as snowflakes in support of Starbucks, they could be interpreted as atoms, satellites, or just abstract shapes. With each project, I feel my perspective broadening and I am stepping further and further outside my literal point of view.  

And below are some progress shots.


One thought on “Starbucks Revolution

  1. Very impressive how you looked outside the classroom to gain inspiration for this piece. The whole piece came together really well. The photos look beautiful and it’s very cool how it looks like none of the snowflakes are connected. The photos are really detailed and look like they took a lot of time.


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