Tied Up Box

For my multiples project, I used dowel rods to create a box along with a base. To bring everything together, I used hot glue and string. I wanted to create something that was somewhat versatile. With this sculpture, it can be used as a box, or decoration- it’s even portable.

In the beginnings of the project, I hard a difficult time figuring out what to do to begin. I looked at toothpicks in the beginning, but with the guidance of Ms. Kerrigan, I switched to dowel rods. In order to make the dowel rods short, I used a saw to cut it all up, which took a long while. I wish I could have found a more efficient way to divide up the dowel rods so I could have had more time in class to assemble the sculpture. After using the saw, I assembled the sculpture using linen string and a hot glue gun. I tied the string around the dowel rods and glued it so it would stay in place. To add more detail to the sculpture, in the front, I wanted to assemble the dowel rods to create triangles and other shapes. I wanted to add more elements to the sculpture. Because I had more dowel rods to used, I created a base for the sculpture. I crossed the dowel rods, and tied pairs to hold up the sculpture. Thus, I created my sculpture.

In the end, I wish that I was neater in creating my project, and I also wish that I could’ve made it sturdier. I think that it wasn’t very strong because I originally intended to make the sculpture more of a basket, so when I made it more of a box, that affected my work. I also would have been more efficient had I planned more effectively. In the end, I had to improvise a bit and figure out what to do at that moment. Although, I am happy with the way it came out. I am glad that this was how I finished sculpture this semester.

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One thought on “Tied Up Box

  1. Natalie, i would have never thought to create a sculpture out of dowel rods, I think that is such a creative, unique idea. However, in your artist statement, I was unsure of the meaning of your sculpture. Overall, i think your sculpture is clean and pleasing to the eye.


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