Gilded – Sidney Eberly

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This project turned out to be a lot more personal than I thought it would. I have struggled for years with my skin, mirrors being a personal trigger since before I quit dance. Working on this project was almost both a way of conquering it and acknowledging it. Also I think the way the mirror takes the shape of a face, actively reflecting what others project onto rather than holding any defining image of its own is often what I do when I am new to an environment or situation.

Using glue and shattered mirror, I mosaiced mirror along the form of a wig head so that it would take the shape of a face. It took me several attempts to attain a suitable shape on which to place my mirror; I even asked Ms.Kerrigan to take 2 molds of my face before she came up with the idea of using the wig head. IMG_2674.JPG   IMG_2692.JPG

Originally thinking that initial decision is permanent, I struggled with the idea that the artist that directs the art, not the other way around, given that I had to work around pieces of mirror placed at the beginning of the project. When I finally decided to take off pieces of mirror that were proving exceptionally problematic, it was liberating in that I was finally in control. This was similar to the wire project, wherein I finally had to control the wire I originally wanted hanging free with subtle clasps to retain the shape I wanted.

Another realization that came to me during this project is that I associate art with physicality and viscerality, two things I was unconsciously trying to combine through this sculpture. I think the freedom of the prompt especially helped me define my own aesthetic.

While I think I did well in terms of molding the mirror to the curves of the face, the glue, which was supposed to be an inconspicuous form of grouting, dominates the piece. I wanted to work hands-on, without gloves or tweezers, as I felt those techniques gave me less control, but the glue, which took a while to dry, was very easily transferable from mirror to fingers to mirror.

I think my next step should be trying to find a dissolvent that will get rid of the glue stains without scratching the mirror like the x-acto knife does. This would lend it a cleaner, sleeker look and help my audience view the sculpture as a whole rather than noticing the glue.


One thought on “Gilded – Sidney Eberly

  1. Syd! This is amazing! It was a long process with many bumps, but what a happy finish. Your determination and perseverance served you well. Well done-


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