Max Arkin

I accomplished creating a wireframe light sculpture. I initially referenced the entrance to a Japanese train station for the structure of my piece. However, as I looked around the room a lot of the other sculptures were also large circular structures, therefore, with the help of Ms. Kerrigan, decided to make mine more abstract. Some next steps I would like to take as a result of this learning experience include using time better to complete my work which is only possible by knowing exactly what I want to make. One day to decide what I want my sculpture to be is not enough time for a two-week project as Ideas come to mind constantly focusing on one mediocre idea is not healthy for my mind nor will it fulfil my hopes of creating something I am dedicated to as it is no longer interesting to me. Ways to resolve this may include learning the materials, the history of the materials, learning different types of tools as well the history of them as well. That way we can learn what we like as we learn about the project. Work in this course connects to work in English class because although you may have something drawn out in your head or an experience you know so distinctly in the end you still have to write about it. My perspective has changed after doing this project because I would think in wireframe when I looked at things now I am able to reverse engineer anything I look at, hold in my hand, or loosely think about.

DSC_9176DSC_9188DSC_9195wireframe sculpture blogpost (1)

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