Marshmallow Challenge by: Zoe Warms


Then we decided to tape three more pieces of spaghetti to the top of the pyramid. We had the idea to make an upside-down pyramid, but then realized it would be hard to construct. We made sure to listen to everyone’s ideas before making a decision. As a group we decided to tape the three pieces of spaghetti together and continue adding more to the tower.
After adding more stacks of spaghetti we realized that the tower could not stand on its own. We decided to add a sting to one side to balance the tower. While the time limit was approaching we began to work faster, trying to add more height. Since the time limit was running out we didn’t have time to adjust the base for the new height. The pressure from the time limit made our group work faster, but I think we would have had more success if we worked at a calmer pace adjusting the tower as we added more spaghetti. The weight of the marshmallow and the other stacks of spaghetti was too much for the base of the tower and string, which caused it to fall.

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