Reference photos and ideas- Soap Carving

This photo is the reference I chose for my carving, because it shows me all the little details of the entire turtle, from head to toe to shell and beyond. It also gave me a good idea of how a sea turtle’s arms (flippers, fins…?) float in the water and attach to its body.
This image is the bird’s eye view of the drawing of my desired finished product (minus the fins because I’m attaching them separately), and the rough outline of the soap carving itself. At the bottom of the image on the left I also have the drawing of what I want the product to look like from the side, and on the bottom right what I hope the back will look like.
This image is the drawing of what I want the fins of the sea turtle to look like. Since the fins stick out so much and are relatively sizeable I am going to attach them separately to the body of the turtle, but I think I’m most excited about the way ( I hope!) the fins will turn out, the details on the tops of their fins are very interesting to me and I hope they seem at least moderately realistic when I’m done with them.

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