Justin Pita, Bullets

Violence is a major issue in the world today.


Bullets are more specific to violence as most homicides are executed with firearms. Each bullet in this project stands for a different type of violence. One of them is gang violence in Chicago and in other big cities. The second bullet stands for police brutality and shooting issues that have come up in the past couple of months. The last bullet stands for war and the cost of lives that comes from it. People die because of bullets and the violence that comes with them. These three bullets caused trouble throughout the project as they were supposed to be exactly alike. They convey similar meanings, so they should look almost exactly the same. These pieces of soap were not only hard to carve alike, but for each bullet, the cylinder shape proved to be another challenge. I found that making smooth sides was harder than expected. After many trials, The last bullet showed me the lesson of patients. I realized that I needed to take my time once I found the right tool. This bullet turned out to be my best. If I were to do my project again, I would definitely take more time on each bullet and make sure to use the templates to make them all the same. Overall, the product of this project was the hard work that you put in, and the lesson to be learned is to take your time and focus on every step, because once you begin with something, you can not go back. Just like how these bullets affect their victims. Taking a life is permanent.


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2 thoughts on “Justin Pita, Bullets

  1. Justin, this is a very interesting piece. It seems like it was hard to craft the body of the bullet due to the fact that it’s cylindrical, but you achieved it. The idea of three bullets representing three forms of violence is very interesting. I think that you could have spent more time describing each of these three forms of violence in your artist statement. Great job.


  2. Justin,
    I love the idea you chose to represent. I agree that this is a very important issue in our world today and I think you did a great job serving it. As for your project, you did a great job molding your hand to fit each bullet in a creative way and I love how each bullet represents a different kind of violence. Even though it proved to be difficult, I would try to make the sides of the bullet sharper and smoother. I like how you took many pictures during the process to show each stage of the project.


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