“Slight Pinch”



This project, combining plaster casts, ivory soap and photography allowed my peers and I to find a personal connection to our pieces. Regarding my own piece, I was especially excited about completing the project without any major errors, only using a half bar of soap and taking one cast. Taking special care of carving their plaster mold out of the algenant is one step that I would take if I were to do this assignment again. I am not the most skilled artist, but I feel as though my work reflected a patient and precarious work. This piece brought on an interesting challenge to my current thinking because of the attention to detail necessary to complete such a task in one attempt. I began this project under the impression that multiple takes would be quite necessary, but taking this piece slowly and thinking out my steps before doing them proved me wrong. 

I selected the topic of drug addiction and overdose because of its upward trend since the turn of the century. Heroin,  the most dangerous non-perscription drug on the streets today has claimed thousands of deaths since 2000. Since 2001, heroin has claimed more than 50,000 lives due to overdose alone. Some communities around the world have developed coping methods to meet the needs of those who have fallen victim to heroin by opening “supervised shooting centers” for people to safely use this drug during the process to free themselves from addiction.


2 thoughts on ““Slight Pinch”

  1. I liked how you reflected on the challenging parts of the project and how you were still able to complete it in one attempt. One suggestion would be to talk more about what your sculpture represents and why you chose to make it. I thought the photos were good and I like the position of your plaster hand.


  2. I like how the shot fits in the hand, it almost makes the entire piece look like one big sculpture carved out of one object. If i had to make any comment on your piece, it would be about presentation. I think your photos could do a better job capturing all the detail you put into the piece. They seem a little blurred. I also think you could have included other photos showing how you came to your final work (ie. carving, casting, etc.). It is a really cool sculpture though and it was executed very well.


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