Whaling Boat Soap Sculpture



At the end of this project, I accomplished the whaling boat I had in mind when I started. I have learned that patience is a huge key when it comes to sculpting, and have also learned to take my time rather than rushing, which I tend to do. Work in sculpture reminds me of doing a chemistry lab: both require patience and time in order to get the best results. After many attempts, I feel that I scaled the sculpture to the right size, but could have prepared the soap bar more before cutting into it to save me time. According to the WDC, “there is no humane way to kill a whale at sea” because they are huge moving targets. This causes whales to have a “long, slow and painful death”. I hope that this whaling boat reminds people of the global problem of killing whales.

Bibliography: http://us.whales.org/wdc-in-action/whaling




2 thoughts on “Whaling Boat Soap Sculpture

  1. Richie,
    The writing you have written is well done and concise, but I think some more information about whaling today would help your piece quite a bit… percentages maybe? The photos are clear and taken from good angles but some of them need editing to remove unwanted blemishes on the paper. Otherwise, well done.


  2. I really like this. I love how much small detail you were able to incorporate especially with the wires and string. That is a really cool feature that I was impressed by. The photos could have been a little more edited. If the were black, it would make you really be able to focus on the boat, but you can see spots of white. I would have loved to see the boat a little more detailed, like the specific boat. Other then some of the small detail on the carving aspect, I like it. The wires are really cool. Good job


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