Julia Nadler, Melting Away


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Global warming is an issue that is often overlooked. Because the negative effects are not always seen in everyday life, it is easy to ignore. For my project, I decided to carve a polar bear to symbolize the issue of global warming.

Polar bears’ main habitat is ice and with 4% of the arctic ice melting per decade, polar bears’ ability to hunt for food and care for their young is being threatened. Due to global warming, it is predicted that by 2050, two thirds of polar bears will have disappeared.

When carving the soap, I started out sculpting the general shape of the body. I chose a polar bear standing on its hind legs because it portrays the bear in a distressed state and it worked well with the dimensions of the soap. Early into the project I realized I would have to carve the arms separately and then attach them later. The arms proved to be the most difficult part of the project. Near the end, the soap became very brittle and sometimes one small cut would create a large section to crumble. It was also hard to get them to them to be the correct size and shape and attaching them with wire was not easy. I ended up taping on one arm and the other arm broke so I had to improvise in the end.

I decided to cast my hand flat to portray a piece of small ice that my polar bear is standing on. The casting process was not too difficult and I am happy with the outcome of my hand.

This project taught me the value of not giving up. Even when the future of my polar bear looked bleak, I kept working to make it the best I could with the medium we were using. In the future, I would spend more time planning and drawing out detailed references to create a more efficient carving process. Overall, I am satisfied with my work. The polar bear is not perfect, but it conveys a thoughtful message and I am happy with the end product.


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bibliography: http://www.nwf.org/Wildlife/Threats-to-Wildlife/Global-Warming/Effects-on-Wildlife-and-Habitat/Polar-Bears.aspx

2 thoughts on “Julia Nadler, Melting Away

  1. I really like the detail you put into the face of the bear and the paws. You also did a great job editing your hands. In the future if you had more time on the project you could add more details in the fur of the bear. I think that sculpting a polar bear is a great way to represent the effects of Global warming.


  2. Your responses are so good and have so much detail! I think that you could start talking about global warming as a whole and then explain why you chose to do a polar bear instead of another animal. The bear is so cute; it only having one arm almost seems like it was done on purpose to show how horribly global warming is affecting them! Using your hand as ice was very clever!


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