Lips Soap Project


Sex trafficking is a major problem in our world, and it’s still discussed as a very taboo topic. It is being talked about a lot more in the news and social media lately, but it should be talked about a lot more seeing as how there are around 4.5 million people forced into sex trafficking according to the Polaris Project. In Chicago, many organizations have been making huge strides in stopping sex trafficking. One example is CAASE, according to their website they have recently passed the Justice for Victims of Sex Trafficking Crimes Act as well as being involved in locating many different sex trafficking rings. Despite all the great efforts made by CAASE and many of organizations like them, I felt as though the lack of conversation surrounding this topic is still an issue. That’s what lead me to creating lips with a barcode engraved on them because people who are forced into sex trafficking often have a barcode tattooed on them so that the rings can keep track of them. This project really helped me improve my sculpting techniques. Going in I didn’t know what kinds of tools to use or how to make different textures. After awhile, I learned how to smooth out certain parts and how to curve the lips. I did a pretty good job with going slow while sculpting. However, I didn’t do a great job with planning out what I wanted my sculpture to look like at the end. If I were to do it again I would do a better job of planning it out; I would do this by drawing all six sides of the end product and not just four sides. One part of this project that went pretty smoothly was the casting. I was lucky enough to only have to cast my hand once, and I found the process fairly easy. While working on this project I realized how relevant sculpture was in my everyday life. Just like how I need to go slow when I’m sculpting, I also need to take my time on tests and quizzes. 

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2 thoughts on “Lips Soap Project

  1. I like this a lot. There is a lot of detail and I can tell what you are trying to make, which is a plus. It definitely made me think and your artist statement had a lot of facts that were interesting and that I didn’t know. If I were to critique it I would say that it could have been a little cleaner. When you put the lips together they don’t fit perfectly. I maybe would have kept it one chunk instead of 2 different pieces. It also kinda looks like the bottom part are teeth instead of the bar-code, and the numbers aren’t on an even line. But that is just if i were to be very critical. I like it a lot, and think it was really well made.


  2. I admire your creativity in exposing this topic that I never would’ve thought of for my own project. I love how you created lips with a barcode as opposed to any other body part where it would be tattooed because people going through sex trafficking are vulnerable and exposed to their horrendous experience, and using your mouth to kiss someone else is what vulnerable in itself.
    I think your work turned out beautifully, however, if you were to do this project over, I would advise you to slow down and focus on your carving. You went through many soap bars before creating your final piece!
    Again, I love your topic and the lips turned out very nice.


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