Baby Hand Soap Sculpture

When I was asked to think of a problem in the world today I decided to look into the controversy about Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is an organization that provides reproductive health services in the United states. It promotes women’s health and well-being, based on respect for each individual’s right to make informed, independent decisions about sex, health, and family. Many people dislike the organization because they provide abortions. In November there was a shooting outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado by an anti-abortion activist. I believe that people should have the right to choose whether they want an abortion or not. I support Planned Parenthood because it helps women make their own decisions about their health. I wanted to make a sculpture that represented women’s choice, so I made a baby hand. It symbolised that the choice a woman has about her well-being is in her hands.

I originally decided to sculpt a hand that could wrap around a bigger hand. This position was very difficult, and I ended up cutting a few of the fingers off. I started over by making a smaller hand and working slower. I carved the shape of the hand and then added details to the fingers. I ended up making the thumb too small so I had to make a separate one and stick it on the hand. I learned that it takes patients to sculpt with soap and no matter what happens you can’t give up. After making the soap hand I casted one of my hands in plaster so it could hold the smaller hand. While carving the hand out of the mold two of the fingers fell off. I was able to use super glue to stick them back on. Overall I was happy about the outcome of the hands I made. If I could do this project again with more time I would make a larger hand from soap so I could add more details. I would also try different positions with the soap hand.

Planned Parenthood


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5 thoughts on “Baby Hand Soap Sculpture

  1. I agree with your pro-choice beliefs. I also like how your topic directly fits into us displaying our projects in our hands.
    I know it’s difficult, but it would’ve been interesting to see some of the intricate detail that our hand molds picked up on the carved hand. An example would be lines on the knuckles and fingernails.
    What did your hand positioning add to your topic? Why didn’t you go back and try another hand position if you don’t think this one fits well with the topic?
    Again, this topic is important to me as well and I did not even think about carrying out this topic in my project myself. I like it!


  2. I like your description and inspiration for doing this sculpture. The one thing I suggest is that there should be a picture closer to the hand so we can see the details on them. Even though you ran into a few problems with fingers falling off, I really like that you didn’t give up and you still worked hard to finish you sculpture.


  3. Your idea is super good and creative, and the baby hand is carved very well! I like your explanation of why you chose to do the baby hand, but I think you could add some statistics about how many woman planned parenthood has helped or how many riots there have been outside of planned parenthoods. I also think it would be cool if you talked about casting your hand. The pictures are really great; you captured them fro so many different angles! I also liked your slideshow.


  4. Zoe, this is a very interesting project. I agree that planned parenthood is a controversial topic around the United States. It seems like it was very hard to craft the hand that you did because of the detail and curves of the fingers. I think that the hand perfectly represents what you were aiming it to. Great job.


  5. Zoe,
    I think your artist statement is great and you did a good job of talking about the controversy of planned parenthood in a small amount of text. I think your project is really cute! I think you could have done a better job of capturing the amount of detail in your project in the photos. You did a great job of crafting a new thumb to fit on your hand without it looking like one had previously broken off. Also, I like the different positions you placed the smaller hand in for your pictures.


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