Sea Turtle Soap + Plaster sculpture

Originally, for this project, I wanted to sculpt a knife. I think that the human race is generally pretty disgusting, we’re killing machines. Thus, my knife idea.  We have no regard for the living things around us, from animals to the environment to each other, and don’t care about what effects our actions will have on future generations of people, animals, and the greater earth. However, a knife might’ve been too thin and broken in half so I had to go a different route. Rather than try to take on all the things that the human race destroys, I decided to focus solely on animals, specifically sea turtles. Nearly 50% of all sea turtles in the world ingest plastic according to studies reported by, and these numbers have only continued to increase in recent years. My piece depicts someone (well it’s my hand, so I guess me) holding out a baby sea turtle as it crawls to the ocean. I hope this piece inspires people to, rather than kill sea turtles with our careless pollution habits, we should be helping them thrive.


I made this work using a variety of tools— an exact-o-knife, fork, pushpin, toothbrush, etc. The sea turtle is made completely out of soap while my hand is cast in plaster. The soap was fun and interesting to work with, and I gained an entire new appreciation who engage in any reductive process for a living, from what I went through in this small time frame with the project I can see that it’s incredibly difficult, but rewarding as well.  I hope that my piece inspires people to think about their actions regarding the safety of other things around them and to care about animals (specifically sea turtles and other aquatic creatures) a little bit more.

Edited picture 1


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