Barbie, Olivia Geier

For my sculpture, I was set on creating a chandelier-like shape from the beginning. I began by crafting the densest shape up at the top, and making more and more negative space and I worked downwards. I had more than a little trouble with both Gorilla and hot glue, so I moved onto rubber bands. What I did with the rubber bands creating too dense of a shape in the middle, so I finally moved onto wire. I was successful in crafting a geometric shape horizontally using legs, which added to the chandelier-like shape. If I were to do this project again, I would begin by tearing off pieces that weren’t being used to connect the whole piece. This would have created even more negative space and more interesting pieces. Next time, I want to have a good idea of the shape I want to accomplish (like I had on this), but also figure out how to manipulate my piece right off the bat to make it as interesting as possible. An inspiration I came across was the painting, The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch. This painting inspired me to think about how beautiful the naked body can be with its myriad of whimsical activities taking place in nature. This brings me to the meaning of my piece: Honor killing. Honor killing happens worldwide. It is an act of vengeance by death from one or multiple male family members of a female family member. Reasons for honor killings range from refusal of an arranged marriage to simply being the victim of rape. I believe that I succeeded in displaying the female body as beautiful (by using Barbie dolls) and at the same time displaying how this mutilation continues to occur with “smiling faces,” (meaning that it’s outrageous that it hasn’t stopped at least in the last century). I hope that this piece makes and my artist statement makes people more aware that honor killing is still prevalent in our world today.IMG_2823.jpgIMG_2836.jpgIMG_2838.jpgIMG_2537.jpgIMG_2603.jpgIMG_2680.jpg


One thought on “Barbie, Olivia Geier

  1. I really liked this piece, and I was sort of unaware that people might have thought it was controversial. However, after hearing all of the different things that it could relate to, like honor killings, it seemed a lot more meaningful. I think it’s really cool that this sculpture can mean so many different things; it makes it so much more unique.


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