Wine Corks


At first, when the class was introduced to this project of using 100 objects to create a sculpture, I was quite intimidated. I resulted to the idea of using 100 wine corks. I thought that this material would be interesting due to its “randomness”. Since I got used wine corks, they all had different labels and were various sizes.

Although I made a few changes during construction, I am very happy with the final product that I made. I feel that I did well in the process of placing the corks. Since each cork is a different length and width, it was a challenge finding the correct placement- like a Tetris game. If I were to do this project again, I would look for other adhesives to keep the corks connected to the cardboard base, because the hot glue sometimes did not hold. A challenge I had to overcome in this project is the idea that abstract art is not object-based. Since I have never done a project like this, it was difficult for me to picture a sculpture not based off of an object. With this project, I accomplished what I had in mind when I began, and am very happy with the result.


Process Photos:



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