Contrast Through Ping Pong Balls

When Mrs. Kerrigan briefed our class on the guidelines for the multiples project I was a little bit intimidated by the lack of direction and room for open ended ideas. Finding an idea for which material I was going to use and in what manner I wanted to utilize them proved to be the most difficult aspect of the project for me. After quite a bit of brainstorming, the idea of using a symmetrical object to create a symmetrical object sounded quite mentally and visually pleasing.

Once I had my idea in mind, I feel as though I formed the idea in my head in reality very well, something I have been very successful with during this semester in sculpture as a whole. In spite of my late ping pong balls, I executed my concepts quickly and efficiently during class time while still stepping back and seeing if what was in front of me replicated what was in my head. I started by gluing pairs of ping pong balls together and combining those pairs to create larger and different shapes. If you inspect my piece closely, you can recognize that every structure is a result of integrating multiple pairs of ping pong balls. As a result of this method to form my project, I have gained a new and raw perspective surrounding contemporary and unguided art. Pieces like the ones we created as a class require a new type of mind to create and eye to observe, which gives this project such a miscellaneous aspect. 

As a result of completing this project with as much success as I had, I now would enjoy replicating my new ideas and expressing them through different projects. This project was a lot of fun once my ideas came together in my head.



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