Colors: Charlton McArdle


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This project allowed me to have a new insight when it comes to creating art. I learned that the first idea you may have might not end up being the idea that you end up with.  This project tested my creative mind and turned me into more of a risk taker. When I was making decisions about how do move forward it was difficult because I didn’t know what would happen. I didn’t know if my glue would stick, or if the would stay together, or if the resin would completely destroy the piece.  I learned to take a deep breath and tell myself that whatever happens is going to be ok and a mistake can be turned into a success.  I also learned that art isn’t always about being neat.  I started putting the pencils in groups of 12 and then decided to cover a bunch with glue and but them all together at one time. If I were to redo the project I would make the shape more of a circle and not an oval. I might also try and make more of a pattern. I am very happy with the way that this turned out.  I never thought that it would look this good and clear. It is great to see my first prototype next to my final piece.  It puts all the work I have done in perspective. The lessons that I have learned during this process will help me in other areas of school. My first idea might not always be my final and that is ok, the final might be better; you cannot be stuck on one idea. You also have to learn to take risks even if the outcome is unsure.  Sometimes you will fail but other times it will be spectacular.  Being able to adapt is also key to all aspects of life.  Even though this was not my intention at the beginning, the final piece makes me think a little about race and how there are so many people in the world who all look different,  but together we make one whole group and it can be beautiful when you polish it and sand away the unwanted crap surrounding us.



This is a quick slide show showing point A to point B.  Starting with the first small colored pencils cut and ending with the final slabs.

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2 thoughts on “Colors: Charlton McArdle

  1. I am impressed with your work because you had a set vision from the beginning and executed it better than it sounded initially. Cutting the piece into slabs was a great idea because your project can now cover a little or a lot of square footage. The bird’s eye view is also great to see the smooth colors all connected.


  2. I like your concept of getting through to new ideas even if the one you began with does not work how you envisioned it. Nice work. Very deep.


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