Julia Nadler, Bounce

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As a kid, I loved collecting bouncy balls. Every winter my family and I would go to Breckenridge, Colorado. There was a bar called Eric’s there that we would go to and the kids would always go to the arcade in the basement where the prizes were bouncy balls.

When thinking about the 100 objects project, I immediately thought about using the hundreds of bouncy balls I have collected over the years. I wanted to create a fun and colorful sculpture that represented my childhood experiences.

When I was starting out I did not have a clear end goal. I first tried gluing the balls together but it did not work so I decided to use wire. I was first interested in creating molecular like structures, but hit somewhat of a dead end. My end product did have some relation to molecules but it was not solely based off of that. I changed my structure many times and I think having an open mind allowed me to create a successful end piece.

Creating a sturdy structure that could hold all of the weight was definitely a challenge. I tried to use thicker wire for some of the connections, but the wire was too thick and ended up splitting some of the bouncy balls. After that, I just stuck with the thin wire and had to add in reinforcements while not taking away from the overall structure of the piece. If I were to do this project again I would try to make a more unified sculpture. Some of the different shapes of the piece do not fit together as well as I would like. I think if there was more repetition of certain shapes it would create a more visually pleasing sculpture.


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One thought on “Julia Nadler, Bounce

  1. I like this piece a lot and I especially like how the photos turned out. They background is so black and that makes the bright colors of the balls pop. You also can’t really see the wire so it looks as though the balls are just floating in mid air. I think this really turned out well and I like how you brought it make to your childhood. Good Job


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