Miniature Umbrellas, Brynn Ovitz

When thinking of ideas for the 100 project, I wanted to create something with lots of color and vibrancy. This led me to use miniature umbrellas as my material. They are small objects with loads of color and can be moved in a variety of ways. Originally, my plan was to design a mass amount of numerous shapes with the umbrellas, each with different patterns, sizes, and ways that they could be hung. I wanted to construct an abstract mobile with wire to display these pieces, but each particular design came with it’s own set of obstacles. Hot glue usually burned through the top of each umbrellas since the material is so fragile. Certain shapes I placed the umbrellas in did not look exceptional, cloudy chunks of glue dripped and set in the wrong places, and tears were very apparent. At this point, I had used almost the entirety of my umbrellas, and a large portion was defective. I decided to change my idea and make a circular mobile attached to strings with contrasting lengths and patterns. My new idea went very well. The process was sufficient and each string came out clean and unique next to the others. If I were to complete this project over again, I would be more patient with myself and the material I used. Even though I was very frustrated at points, I could have stopped to think about the most efficient way to get the results necessary. Overall, I am happy with my project and my ability to capture what I wanted with a problematic set of materials.

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