Stories, Shapes, Silence and Sounds: 100 project




This project required me to make a sculpture using 100 of something– and for a few days I racked my mind trying to come up with an idea, from Legos to rubber bands I considered everything, but couldn’t seem to get inspired. Eventually it was time for me to start constructing so I decided I would to make a pyramid out of paper plates, I really liked the idea visually and conceptually of making one shape out of another, letting an ordinary object not only transcend it’s intended purpose by becoming art, but challenging people’s visual interpretation of shape in general as well. I started to construct and quickly ran into a my first brick wall: the white was boring. While white can be visually stunning, it really wasn’t capturing enough creativity on my part to become a work I would be proud of. I got the idea to use Album covers from my wonderful art teacher, Ms. Kerrigan, as she had many lying around in the art cabinet. As soon as I saw the dynamic, colorful, storytelling prints on the albums, I knew I had to use them.


This picture is what the average traced alum cover looked like.


I ultimately decided to make disks (since I wanted to stick with circles). For each disk,  I  cut out two cardboard album cover circles that I traced and cut myself, hot glued them together, and tediously watched their numbers accumulate. The process of making the disks was fun, different albums of different ages had varied levels of malleability, making it harder to cut some than others. After making 103 disks, with the guidance of Ms. Kerrigan, we cut three slits into each disk, so they would be able to fit together, like pieces of a puzzle. To complete this project I used approximately 25 album covers (each one yielded four complete disks), a roll of tape, a sharpie, scissors, hot glue, as well as a power saw.

IMG_0952 (2)

This is my favorite angle that I’ve put together so far. Nearly all of the disks’ placements are random, and this particular disk’s placement was a great surprise when I found it. The man looks like he’s actually looking at my sculpture like “woah man, that’s crazy”, all part of the fun that comes the storytelling aspect of the piece.


The main importance of this piece in my eyes is the fact that I can take this sculpture apart and put it back together again in a myriad number of ways. Since I cut 103 total disks, the ways in which I can put it together are endless. Each time it tells a different story, has something different to say, and changes as you, the viewer move from angle to angle. I’m really glad that both visually and conceptually, my sculpture challenges not only the viewer, but me as well, to push the boundaries of shape, space, color, meaning, and storytelling.




















4 thoughts on “Stories, Shapes, Silence and Sounds: 100 project

  1. Lourdes,
    I think your project came together extremely well! The idea was very creative and it is awesome that you used an object that was going to be recycled. My favorite part of the sculpture is the shape. I like that the placement of each disk is random rather than being perfectly placed into a shape. Also, I think the colors and designs mesh well. You worked very hard on this and it definitely payed off. Great Job!!


  2. I think this is a really cool piece, most of the time i would look over and i couldn’t quite figure out what the final product was going to be, but now that i see it, it all came together really nicely. I had a similar style piece of cutting and fitting different cardstock together and it is cool to see how another similar piece came together.


  3. Lordis, I think that this is a very interesting piece. It’s so cool that you used these cardboard pieces because they were going to discarded. I also like how you compared this project to building Legos. I can see the comparison. Awesome Piece!


  4. I really like the circular form that intersects because when I imagine circles put together I imagine them in rows that touch each other but have left over space but in this is has flow and kind of looks like a roller coaster. Also I really like the album cover idea and enjoy the idea of combining old art(album covers) into new art


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