Testing Bottles

When I was trying to decide what to do for this project my first idea was to use perfume testing bottles in some way. I collect perfume, and I noticed that when the light hits them they create a really beautiful, colorful shadow. My bottles turned out to be a little bit bigger than I had imagined, but that was a bonus because it meant that they could hold more paint and make even bigger reflections. I made many unique shades of paint and mixed it with water in the tubes, so that the paint would be able to splash around when you moved the object rather than just staying stationary. After discovering the purpose of the sculpture I needed to figure out how to best portray it. I struggled with trying to find the best way to use my materials. At first I tried to put all of the tubes around a ball of model magic, however, it ended up looking messy and I was unable to cover the whole ball with the tubes. So I decided to shape it more like a rectangular cake which let me use more tubes and therefore more colors. In addition, this project helped me to realise what it was like to work with materials that put me under a time constraint. Working with the model magic really made me use my class time a lot more productively because it hardens so quickly. Furthermore, I learned how to work with delicate materials like the clay that broke many times before I knew how to properly handle it. As much as I enjoyed my project, if I was to do this again I would make it into a completely different shape. Instead I would make it more of a hanging object so that it could better reflect the light. I would do this by making layers of a crown out of model magic and then attaching the tubes to it. I think I did well in dealing with the problems that I met during this project, such as, my second layer’s clay falling apart. In the future I want to do more planning of my project before I start doing it. I got kind of lost in the process because I relied on this vision of what I wanted it to look like in my head rather than an actual drawing of it. Overall, I really took delight in this project. I found that the process was pretty fun, and that I was able to be more creative with my work.

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One thought on “Testing Bottles

  1. I loved that your piece had lots of different colors. It is very pleasing to look at and I like how you had two different sizes of the same shape and then stacked them. It is also very neat and clean which is nice.


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